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A Property development loan calculator need not be restricted to calculating development finance loan interest rates. Together with drawdown amounts at, for example, 3 and 9 months. A number of factors come in to play when deciding on your development finance project. When you purchase an existing property to extend or build further properties on the plot, calculating your Stamp Duty payment in seconds saves one headache. A comprehensive Stamp Duty Calculator will detail all four UK countries and be able to disseminate the three criteria of England & Northern Ireland (SDLT), Scotland and Wales. Remember Wales and Scotland have their own regimes and fall under LBTT (Scotland) and LTT (Wales).

EPC Finder by Postcode has been around since 2008

A bonus is also being able to calculate Non-Resident Status rates which for England & Northern Ireland is currently a 2% surcharge for Non-UK Residents. 2% surcharge was introduced from 1st April 2021. Our property development loan calculator page also allows you to find an EPC certificate with our free and easy to use EPC finder. Energy Performance Certificates were  introduced in 2007. The EPC register became available for residential dwellings in Autumn 2008. Energy Performance Certificates are there to shine a light on the UK’s carbon footprint and to raise awareness. From April 1st 2018 it is against the law to grant, renew or extend a tenancy (existing tenants) if the property has an EPC rating of F or G.

EPC Register Checker a great tool for renters

An energy assessor will collate the data along with the square area which has been an indispensable reference for property development. Rules vary slightly in Scotland in that an EPC must be prominently displayed (meter cupboard/boiler). The EPC is valid for a period of 10 years. There is no minimum EPC rating if you are selling. An individual can opt out of the EPC register if they wish to keep their EPC report private. The EPC register database is a free UK government application. A minimum rating of E must be in place if you wish to rent.

Rental Yield Calculator

The rental yield calculator is provided should you be considering a HMO permitted development project. This calculator is fairly straightforward and offers a Gross and Net rental yield. The rental yield calculator defaults to purchase date. An alternative option is to select ‘rental yield based on current property value’. Should you have an HMO portfolio as part of your property development strategy this is also an excellent reference tool to ensure ongoing or adjusted costs are still relevant. While also confirming ROI and, importantly, that your investment is viable. This can be used with any currency but was primarily developed with GBP in mind.

construction cost estimator

The construction cost estimator has been designed with a wide range of factors and data points as an indicative and indispensable guide. The estimator will take the post code and match to development costs for that area. Estimates will be calculated against local average asking prices. Also displayed will be other such detail as architects, Stamp Duty, legals and contingency. Contingency costs are currently pre set at 4%, this figure should be manipulated to suit. Numerous other factors also dictate development project costs. These costs include but are not restricted to location, property size, build quality and complexity. However it remains possible for the  construction cost estimator to render accurate estimates based on the property Square Footage. 

Internal Area SQ FT search by postcode

As a developer, having as much information at your disposal allows you to be in total control of your development project. Being able to determine the internal area (Usable area) of a potential project within the UK covers most bases. Primarily being able to establish what a property is worth and/or it’s future value. The SQ FT of a project, together with calculations, will support your property development loan application. Our simple to use our net internal area search (SQ FT) calculator will allow you to search all properties in England, Wales and Scotland by postcode. From this you can calculate the total net internal area of a house. Spaces excluded from Net internal areas include toilet/s, internal structural walls, boiler rooms, stair-wells and lift-wells. Other areas that can be excluded include those controlled by an external authority and any area having a head room that is under 1.5 Metres.